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this would sort of explain déjà vu

well fuck

do we continue in the cycle? and never actually escape? because we “die” at the end, and after “dying” we dream the 7 minutes again, just each time the 7 minutes are actually shorter so in reality we could ALL be dead and living within the span of an elongated second and earth could actually not even exist anymore

what the fuck dude

Hey, who turned out the lights? Hey, who turned out the lights? Hey, who turned out the lights?

I see the whovians have arrived right on schedule


Beautyful like Diamonds in the sky….
Okay, I’ll tell you a story, even if I know nobondy will be interessed.

Rihanna - I loved her songs soo much. I started loving her when I was eight or so, I listened to her songs every day and they helped me. Some of them where so sad, so full of emotions, so deep. I listened to them in that years when I felt just alone and my friends had vanished.
Love the way you lie. Hate that I love you. Disturbia. Te Amo. Rehab. Unfaithful. All of those beautyfull, angelic songs. I loved her clear voice that sounds like milk with honey.

Then her songs got cheaper and cheaper - I think, “We found love” was okay, but you have to admit, it was Mainstream and just produced to be bought. Without the old soul. Or “S & M”. Just commercial shit. I listened to both songs but I didn’t love them as much as the old ones.

And then this crap, “You da one” or “Where have you been”. I stopped listening to Rihanna, my barbadian star.

I thin “Diamonds” is really okay, yeah, it’s a beautyful song [at last!] but you can’t compare it to the old ones.

Reblog if you miss the old Rihanna - but I think noone read this :D

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